Crossreach is a ministry of the Diocese of Easton and supports Youth-Centered programs and initiatives across the Eastern Shore. We offer individual student scholarships, financial and resource support for youth programs, and directly sponsor mission trips locally and abroad.

In 2018 Crossreach will be sending our largest -ever mission team to Niagara New York.  There, our team will learn about and work with local community outreach organization, returning home with new insights on how they can make a difference here on the shore. The Diocese of Easton, through the work of its parishes, has been helping send youth on missions locally and abroad for over 12 years, including Haiti, Kenya, Peru, Mexico, the Gulf Coast, Appalachia, DC, Costa Rica and Crisfield. "Yes, missions require hard work and service - but they are mostly about two cultures sharing Christ's love with one another. I am forever changed."