Talbot Treasure Hunt:

An Amazing Race

to Benefit Youth Missions

Sunday, June 2, 2019



What is the Talbot Treasure Hunt?

The Talbot Treasure Hunt is the major fundraiser for Youth Missions (Crossreach) in the Episcopal Diocese of Easton. The Diocese of Easton sponsors youth activities and programs locally and across the Eastern Shore including local mission work, mission trips, leadership development conferences, and camp experiences.

What Can I Win?

The winning team will receive a check for $1,000 and a second check for $1,000 to donate to the charity of their choice. (Must be a 501c3 designated charity.) Additional prizes will be awarded to teams for: 2nd place, 3rd place, wearing the best costumes (not required, but fun!), and best team name!

When is the Talbot Treasure Hunt?

The date of the race is Sunday, June 2, 2019 but teams MUST REGISTER ahead of time to ensure they have a spot. Walk-up registrations are extremely limited.

The day of the race, teams check in between 12:00 p.m. and 12:45 p.m. at Long and Foster (28380 St Michaels Rd, Easton). The race begins promptly at 1 p.m. Please arrive as a team in a single vehicle, if possible.  All team members must travel in a single vehicle throughout the race.

Who can enter?

Anyone, although each team must include at least one adult. Teams may include 2 to 5 people.

How long will the race last and what should I bring?
We expect the race to last approximately three hours, with an awards ceremony to follow. Dress for the weather and wear comfortable shoes! The race will be held rain or shine; we will cancel only in the event of extreme weather. Bring a cell phone with a camera, for sure, but no other special equipment is needed.

I can solve puzzles, but I’m not sure about the challenges.  Will I have to bungee jump or anything?

No bungee jumping, but you may have to recite a poem, run a gentle obstacle course, move marshmallows on a straw or take a short trip in a kayak.  Not all members of a team have to perform all challenges, so it is possible to get through the race without doing anything physical at all.  

Teams will receive their clues at the check-in location (TBD). Clues may be in the form of a riddle, a puzzle or something completely different. Read each clue very carefully, and follow the directions. All clue sites are within, or just outside of, Talbot County. Teams will receive a Clue Book that contains valuable information to solve puzzles. Pay attention! Anything could be a hint!

How much does it cost to enter?

$25 per person.

How do I raise money for Crossreach Youth Missions? 

Teams are encouraged to raise additional money (tax-deductible!) Each dollar raised will help you win the race! This year the incentives include:

  • Teams that raise $50 or more will get one PHONE HINT allowing them to call in and ask a question during the race;

  • Teams that raise $150 will get a PHONE HINT and an EXTRA CLUE BOOK to facilitate puzzle solving and route planning;

  • Teams that raise $500 will get a PHONE HINT, EXTRA CLUE BOOK and FAST PASS to jump ahead of other teams at a clue location!

  • Teams that raise $1,000 will get all of the above, PLUS a coveted "SKIP A CLUE" pass which will enable them to skip a clue completely!

  • The team that raises the most money will start 5 minutes BEFORE ALL OTHER TEAMS! In 2018 only 3 minutes separated 1st & 2nd place.

  • Teams will receive their first clue -- and be permitted to start the race immediately -- in order of money raised. If your team raises $204 you will start ahead of a team that raises $203. THAT MEANS EVERY FUNDRAISING DOLLAR COUNTS!

Take me through a typical race.

There is nothing typical about the Talbot Treasure Hunt, but you might expect something like this: Your team shows up at the check-in location (Long and Foster (28380 St Michaels Rd, Easton) on June 2 and checks-in. Because you raised an extra $150, you team will start somewhere near the front of the pack. At start time, you receive an envelope with a PHONE HINT (because you raised more than $50) and two CLUE BOOKS (because you raised more than $150). You get in your car and immediately begin to look through the CLUE BOOKS for clues. (There will be approximately 12-15 clues to solve.) Each clue will lead you to a location in Talbot County. Go there. At each location you will be required to complete a task, i.e. take a picture, audition for a play, try on a frozen t-shirt. Once you have completed the task, get a stamp on the last page of your book and head to your next clue location. Solve as many clues as you can, and get to the finish line before 4 p.m. Teams must check in by 4 p.m. to be eligible to win. The team that solves the most puzzles and completes the most tasks will win. In the event of a tie, the team that arrived at the finish line earlier will be declared the winner. 

How does the race end? 

The race ends at Long and Foster (28380 St Michaels Rd, Easton). Race participants will enjoy beverages and food and an awards ceremony.

I heard there was a pre-party?

Yes, we will hold a Talbot Treasure Hunt pre-party for all registered teams on Wednesday, May 22nd from 6pm-7pm at the Washington Street Pub (3rd Floor). Please join us for the opportunity to meet other teams and participate in a few mind games! Plus we will give a hint! We would like to collect any money you have raised at the pre-party and credit it to your team. We believe that will speed up registration on the day of the race. You may continue to raise money up until June 3rd! We will collect the balance at registration.

How do I get started? 

Choose a team and register today! You can REGISTER  HERE. 

How can I set up a team fundraising page?

Teams raise money online through FirstGiving. When you register, you will be directed to set up a fundraising page. 

Are there any more rules?

Yes! Each team will be e-mailed a letter that includes this year's rules a few days before the race. Read them carefully!

But I have more questions?

Great! Send an e-mail to joanne@dioceseofeaston.org   



Crossreach is a ministry of the Diocese of Easton and supports Youth-Centered programs and initiatives across the Eastern Shore. We offer individual student scholarships, financial and resource support for youth programs, and directly sponsor mission trips locally and abroad.

In 2018 Crossreach will be sending our largest -ever mission team to Niagara New York.  There, our team will learn about and work with local community outreach organization, returning home with new insights on how they can make a difference here on the shore. The Diocese of Easton, through the work of its parishes, has been helping send youth on missions locally and abroad for over 12 years, including Haiti, Kenya, Peru, Mexico, the Gulf Coast, Appalachia, DC, Costa Rica and Crisfield. "Yes, missions require hard work and service - but they are mostly about two cultures sharing Christ's love with one another. I am forever changed."